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The way to


Starting from fragmented operational, facility and financial data, you will manage and achieve your business and sustainability goals with ease

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Your challenges

You care about your people's health and safety, your carbon & ecological footprint, your financial efficiency, future sustainable choices, ...

Fragmented data prevents stakeholders from getting a clear overview of the facility, operational, financial and sustainability situation of your company. How to link everything together and make the most informed decision in every situation?

Our solution

We help you to identify, analyse, evaluate, control and manage all CSR related assets within your company.

A cloud-based platform -  linked through open API with all software, tools and devices that collect data – that gives all stakeholders in the company the insights they need in a clear overview.

The outcome

Make decisions based on actual data.

Don't wait for someone to export the data from the past.

Canary offers a platform that allows you to continuously monitor your sustainability by SDG's, ESG & GRI reporting and make timely adjustments where necessary.

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ESG inspired approach


We give insight and make decisions on green Energy, energy consumption, usage & availability of equipment, carbon footprint, supply chain, ...

By our open API, a connection with your ERP, EMS, FMS and other software tools is an evidence.


The impact of decisions and events has always an impact on the wellbeing of people.

Our goal is to give insight and improve the wellbeing of all people in or connected to your organization.


Canary is a data-driven integrator and can govern everything that happens in your organization.

We deliver reports and realtime dashboards with insight for all stakeholders. 

Every decision made or to be made is clear and substantiated.