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Canary.sustainability gives your stakeholders real-time insight in the sustainability indicators of your company. Starting from Operations to Facilities, a transparent insight is available.

Devices will reinvent or optimize your processes once and for all.

With our network of innovative partners we can provide a solution for your business.


The strive for operational excellence

Companies are integrating a CSR-oriented approach in their business strategy and are making efforts to improve their sustainability. But to what extent and in which areas do these efforts yield? Which operational and facility processes have an impact on sustainability & are the defined sustainability goals being achieved?


We offer companies a platform that continuously monitors their sustainability and make timely adjustments where necessary.

How? By converting fragmented data into first-class intelligent business information and thus offering the possibility to optimize real business processes once and for all. 

Why? To unburden employees, to optimize costs,  to consider and evaluate investments, …


All you need to achieve personal or collective business and sustainability goals.




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